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  • Can I only buy the land?
    You must first purchase your land and then you will have 24 months to begin construction of your residence.
  • Can I have it built myself or by my own general contractor?
    When signing the purchase of your land, you will also sign an exclusive construction contract with Construction La Montagne Noire or one of our partners. It is not possible to buy land without the construction contract.
  • What is the price of your land?
    The value of each land is determined by its size and its characteristics such as proximity to the stream, view of the mountains or the lake. The land price list will be communicated to you on request. Please note that land is taxable.
  • Are your model plans for sale?
    Our exclusive plans were developed as part of the Domaine La Montagne Noire project in order to create a distinct signature of quality and prestige for the entire project. These plans are not available for resale.
  • Is a residence model determined for each land?
    We offer several models of residences that have been designed and developed to adapt to different types of land. We suggest existing models on grounds more conducive to their configuration. We can also develop your own model while following our architectural guide. Architectural and interior design costs are to be expected during a custom development.
  • What is the build cost per model?
    Several factors must be calculated to estimate the construction of a new residence. First of all, our terms of the construction contract are: cost price plus management fees, and all, plus taxes. You can estimate a cost between $350 and $450 per square foot. This includes deforestation, excavation, blasting if necessary, the well, the septic tank, the sewage field and the entire construction of the house up to the interior finishing. An important factor will be your interior finish choices. This can represent up to 40% of the construction cost. Note that the larger the surface area per square foot, the lower the cost price per square foot due to the amortization of basic costs.
  • Is rental of residence permitted?
    Our co-ownership regulations allow short and long term rentals. However, this rental activity must be done exclusively through the rental management service of La Montagne Noire. Rental activity is not obligatory. Note that short-term rental (31 days or less) for secondary residences is subject to a new municipal by-law (currently passed) which should come into force during the year 2024.
  • Are there co-ownership fees (condo fees)?
    Our development is a private co-ownership. The streets are private and not municipalized. Snow removal, sanding, street maintenance and waste management are the responsibility of the co-ownership. These fees also include the maintenance of common areas such as private connection trails, access to the lake, the dock and landscaping. The costs are distributed to all co-owners by the share linked to the value of each piece of land. Snow removal from vehicle entrances and private parking lots is the responsibility of their owner.
  • Is the Domaine located on the Montagne Noire?
    Our large 255-acre private estate surrounded by federal public lands is, in fact, located at the foot of Black Mountain. Note that no public land was acquired for the development of the project.
  • Can I launch a boat?
    Our co-ownership regulations only allow light, non-motorized boats. Canoes, kayaks and paddle boards are permitted and will be available through the co-ownership around the lake.
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